Biogas is a proven source of energy that is used in the US and around the world. Many have recognized the untapped potential of this resource to provide clean renewable energy to power our society while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing environmental pollution through improved management of organic matter such as municipal solid waste, livestock manure, wastewater biosolids and primary sludge, and industrial food processing residuals. The Biogas Opportunities Roadmap (recently published by under collaboration between USDA, US EPA, and US DOE) identified more than 2,000 sites in the US that already produce and recover biogas for energy, and found more than 11,000 additional biogas systems could be deployed in the US. If fully realized, these biogas systems could produce enough energy to power more than 3 million homes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 54 million metric tons (CO2 equivalent)/yr by 2030, the annual emissions of 11 million passenger vehicles. Cleaned and compressed biogas is molecularly identical to the fossil natural gas that it joins in interstate pipelines.

New Phase Energy provides communities with biogas production an opportunity to generate a new revenue stream by providing a means to convert the biogas to renewable natural gas without having to fund the capital upgrade. New Phase Energy accomplishes this by purchasing the biogas, and funding, purchasing and installing the biogas to RNG processing unit at the biogas production site. The processing units are shop fabricated, skid mounted and fully warranted. New Phase Energy coordinates the interconnection of the RNG unit to the local natural gas distribution system. New Phase Energy leases the processing unit to the biogas producer to operate and maintain and manages the sale of the RNG and associated environmental value into the market place. After incremental  O&M costs are reimbursed and the capital costs/debt service is paid, profits are shared among project participants.