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The world is entering a new phase of its energy requirements. New Phase Energy is making tomorrow's energy projects a reality today.


NPE focuses on helping landfills, waste water treatment plants, agricultural and industrial organic waste producers convert their biogas into high value renewable natural gas (RNG). That RNG may then be used to fuel natural gas-powered vehicles rather than burning the source biogas in flares, boilers or gensets for limited to no return.



Biogas is produced wherever anaerobic micro-organisms break down organic matter in the absence of oxygen. In an uncontrolled environment we know it as swamp gas.  In a controlled environment such as a digester, we know it as biogas. Biogas contains roughly 50% methane with the remainder made up of contaminants like carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen, siloxanes and various other minor compounds.

Biogas is a proven source of energy used in the US and around the world. Many have recognized the untapped potential of this resource to provide clean renewable energy to power or fuel our society while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing environmental pollution through improved management of organic matter such as municipal solid waste, livestock manure, wastewater biosolids, and industrial food processing residuals. The Biogas Opportunities Roadmap (recently published in collaboration by USDA, US EPA, and US DOE) found more than 2,000 sites in the US that already produce and recover biogas, In addition, the Roadmap identified more than 11,000 additional biogas systems that could be deployed in the US. If fully realized, these biogas systems could produce enough energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 54 million metric tons (CO2 equivalent)/yr by 2030, the annual emissions of 11 million passenger vehicles. 


Stop Burning, Start Earning

Everyday massive amounts of biogas and, consequentially, massive amounts of value are lost or poorly utilized. Biogas from landfills, waste water treatment facilities, agricultural and industrial anaerobic digesters is routinely burned for disposal purposes or for low value thermal and/or power generation applications. Burning biogas in a flare, boiler or genset can, however, be tantamount to setting piles of cash on fire day, after day, after day.


RNG | Renewable Natural Gas

When the contaminants in the biogas are removed, pipeline quality natural gas remains, and because of its origins it is a renewable gas vs traditional gas extracted from fossil deposits.  Renewable natural gas (RNG) produced from biogas is molecularly identical to natural gas but represents roughly a 10X increase in value attributable to the renewable and low carbon nature of the gas.  The renewable value is based on how many renewable identification numbers (RINS) are attributable to the RNG under the US Renewable Fuel Standard and the low carbon value is based on how many low carbon fuel standard credits (LCFSC) are attributable to the RNG under State based low carbon fuel standards, when it is sold for transportation fuel. RNG can be dispensed into natural gas-powered vehicles on site or can be injected into the North American interstate, intrastate and local gas pipeline systems for down pipe dispensing. The number of natural gas-powered vehicles on the road continues to grow, particularly among heavy duty fleet vehicles.



NPE 3 Core Values

New Phase Energy is a boutique project development firm that specializes in pursuing small to mid volume biogas to RNG project opportunities.  These opportunities, given their size, are often ignored by other market participants.  

We generally seek to build, own and operate biogas purification systems ourselves.  When doing so we purchase the biogas from the producer, convert it into RNG for down-pipe sale and then share the profits with the biogas producer.

To the extent, however, a biogas producer prefers to self-build or competitively partner with us or another developer, we offer advisory services to assist them with their project efforts.

New Phase Energy is not a biogas purification technology/equipment supply company, nor is it an engineering, design or construction firm. We focus on the financial and commercial aspects of RNG projects. By not promoting any specific technology, equipment, design or construction solution, we can select the optimal biogas purifications systems for our projects and the projects that we support.

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Advisory Services

Techno-Economic Advisory Services

To help biogas producers vet their project, NPE offers techno-economic advisory services. As part of those services, NPE conducts feedstock supply assessments (inputs) and product sales assessments (outputs), assessing volumes, quality & regulatory compliance. Additionally, NPE conducts technical assessments evaluating proposed equipment, site location, layout arrangements, interconnection, and schedule, along with EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) or design build construction alternatives. These assessments generate a full technical cost model (AspenHYSYS Simulation), an environmental analysis (RIN pathway & carbon intensity score) and an operations and maintenance analysis. These assessments delineate the production and market opportunity and inform the participants as to the project’s viability.

Project Advisory Services

To help biogas producers finance and construct their project, NPE offers project advisory services.  As part of those services, NPE delineates the variety of funding mechanisms that may be brought to bear, including self-funding, debt, equity and grants, to find the optimal mixture that will maximize project returns. As part of those services, NPE provides a full project financial model and project risk assessment. NPE also provides delivery and logistics guidance to ensure transportation system specification compliance. During design, fabrication, installation, construction, start-up, commissioning and interconnection activities NPE provides owner’s representative oversight services.

O&M and RNG Origination Advisory Services

To help biogas producers run their equipment and sell their RNG, NPE offers O&M management and RNG management/sales origination services.  As part of those services, NPE provides owner’s representative oversight services during operation and maintenance activities. NPE also provides nomination and scheduling of RNG deliveries, managing product registration and quality assurance programs, and originating Btu, RIN & LCFSC sales. 



We proactively seek out small to mid-size biogas producers to help them maximize the value of their renewable energy resource. Are you

  • a waste water treatment facility operator, agricultural or industrial anaerobic digester operator or landfill operator?

  • currently burning your biogas in a flare, boiler or genset?

  • interested in potentially receiving greater revenue from that same biogas resource without expending additional capital and avoiding downside risk?

If so, please let us help you consider converting your low value Btu biogas into a new, higher value, phase of energy - renewable natural gas (RNG).  Please complete the online questionnaire and we’ll get back to you promptly with a free of charge bare bones preliminary techno-economic analysis.  If our analysis sparks your interest, please give us the opportunity to tailor a flexible transparent approach to maximize the value of your biogas.


The City of Boulder, Colorado is actively pursuing converting biogas from its Water Resource Recovery Facility into renewable natural gas. We engaged New Phase Energy to provide overall project advisory services, which have been and continue to be invaluable to us as we implement our project.”
— Cole Sigmon, P.E., Engineering Project Manager, City of Boulder Public Works

The City of Jamestown, North Dakota was approached by New Phase Energy to consider converting the biogas that our City produces at its waste water treatment facility into renewable natural gas.  We found the company’s initial analysis quite persuasive and have engaged them to confirm their preliminary technical and economic conclusions in order that we may make an informed decision on whether to pursue the brick and mortar project.
— Mayor Dwaine Heinrich, City of Jamestown, North Dakota

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In my former role, as the project manager that developed the waste water treatment facility biogas to renewable natural gas project for South Platte Water Renewable Partners, we sought guidance from a number of consultants and sub consultants. “New Phase Energy” is one such proven sub consultant that worked with our lead design engineer, Carollo Engineers, Inc. and we were very grateful for their advisory assistance with the project’s RNG gas pipeline interconnection and solicitation of the project’s RNG brokerage services.
— Gunter Ritter, P.E., P. Eng., MBA, LEED AP, CWP, Former Project Manager for South Platte Water Renewable Partners

Request A Free Basic Preliminary Techno-Economic Analysis

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