New Phase Energy's first conversion project focuses on alkylate. Alkylate is a fuel additive that makes up 10% of today's gasoline. It is a high octane, low sulfur, low vapor pressure blend stock that enables gasoline suppliers to comply with environmental fuel standards.  Alkylate is a hydrocarbon that is blended into gasoline at the refinery prior to being shipped by traditional means to the retailer (refined product pipelines, barge, rail, trucks etc.).  Utilizing higher blends of alkylate offer car manufacturers the opportunity to increase fuel efficiency to comply with ever increasing Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards while complying with ground level ozone requirements.  By focusing on the production of alkylate from renewable and/or fossil natural gas, New Phase Energy utilizes the existing North American natural gas pipeline system to cost effectively monetize domestically abundant pipeline gas resources into high value fuel additives, reducing the carbon footprint of gasoline and demand for imported oil.  And because the chemical additive alkylate is a liquid hydrocarbon, no new refined product transportation infrastructure is needed (terminals, tanks, pipelines, rail cars, trucks or pumps) for the distribution and retailing of the blended gasoline fuel.